Snowcats for Rent

Wasatch Snowcat wants to make it easy for anyone to experience the adventure and awe of a magical Snowcat ride through pristine snow covered slopes. Whether for business or pleasure, we have several options of how you can enjoy our Snowcats:


Snowcat Rental for TV/Movies

Our Snowcats have already appeared in major motion pictures and television. If you need a Snowcat for a still shot or even an action scene, we can provide a selection of high quality vehicles to choose from. Schedule early!

Search and Rescue

We understand that in those emergency situation, when lives may be hanging on the line, you just have to get there. We work closely with public safety agencies to make sure they have the equipment they need to get where nobody else can go.

Telecom Transport

It takes a lot of horsepower to get equipment and infrastructure up to the top of mountains where the towers live. We have the Snowcat for the job.


We also offer these services:


For more information or to make tour reservations call 801.876.2169